Video – Vimeo

As I use YouTube all the time I thought I would have a look at Vimeo to see how it compared.

I searched Vimeo for ‘books’ to see if I could find any interesting videos to share. This video is one cute example.

Penguin Books BG 01 by 29cm licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

I found I needed to create an account with Vimeo because some things are not accessible when you are not logged in.

I was very easily able to download a video, figure out how to embed it in a blog post and create a playlist and watch it. It was a little bit more difficult to narrow down my search to videos with a particular type of copyright license and then where the license information is found on each video (Google and the Vimeo Help Center were my friends!) but I figured it out.

I did have some problems with being unable to connect to Vimeo. Their problem message was quite amusing though so I wasn’t too annoyed!


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