Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is something I have some experience in and find extremely fun. My workplace has VR equipment so I was able to try the InCell game and many other games and experiences. It is an amazing to be physically somewhere but be virtually somewhere else. I have also found that throwing objects in virtual reality is very therapeutic!

I also have a cardboard headset at home with which I have tried out the Google Cardboard app. Although a much simplified version of VR it is still lots of fun.

Augmented Reality

I don’t have that much experience of augmented reality. Before experimenting with the tools provided by the 23 Things the only experience of augmented reality I had had was Pokemon Go and seeing if Ikea furniture fitted in my house using the Ikea app.

I tried out QuiverVision and thought it to be very cool. I downloaded, printed out and colored in one of their coloring pages. I then used the QuiverVision app to not only make my coloring in 3D but also animate it!





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