I just happened to have created a Kahoot for another PD program I am completing at the moment. The program askes you to create a short quiz about Christmas. I created one about celebrating Christmas in Australia. If you would like to play it (warning it is pretty tacky) here it is:

Christmas in Australia

Kahoot confused me a bit at first because I didn’t understand how for you to create a Kahoot you use a separate website then for playing the Kahoot and how playing a Kahoot worked by using a pin. But once I understood how it worked I can see its learning potential as a teaching tool. As a library assistant that works in a academic library I think it would be an interesting tool to use to test students knowledge of the library through a short Kahoot. We are always looking for more interesting and fun ways to get people interested and knowledgeable about what the library can offer and how to use its services and resources.


I thought the games on GeoGebra were interesting but it really enforced how bad I am at maths and puzzles. I did really enjoy trying to fit the smaller geometric shapes in a larger shape. I did discover a shape I just couldn’t get all the smaller shapes to fit into which really frustrated me!

I am not sure how this game would be helpful to me as a educator or learner other than maybe improving my maths skills and keeping my brain active.

Other games

If I had more time I would’ve liked to try Hour of Code as it looked very interesting. But at least I am now aware of it so if I get a spare moment I will have play and see what I can learn.



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