• Were there Things that you particularly enjoyed?

I particularly enjoyed Things 21 ‘Online Games and Learning’ and 22 ‘Fun and Play’ because they were games and fun. I also enjoyed Thing 14 ‘Audio – Podcasts and SoundCloud’ because I have recently been getting into and listening to all different kinds of podcasts.

  • Was there a Thing that has either had something in it that surprised you, or one you particularly enjoyed?

Thing 5 ‘Diversity’ surprised me because it wasn’t something that I had really thought of in relation to digital content, particularly with something like emojis. Also Thing 6 ‘Accessibility’ surprised me because access for those with disabilities wasn’t something that I had overly considered and I hadn’t realized the extent of access problems those with a disability have to overcome.

  • Have you been reading the community blogs? How did you find the blogging aspect of the course?

I definitely read the community blogs as I completed the course. I found it helpful and interesting to see what other people thought and wrote.

I liked the blogging aspect of the course. I found writing down what I had understood, experienced or thought helpful in cementing what I had learnt.

  • Did you have any difficulties completing the Things?

The only difficulty I had was finding the time to complete the course. I did do some of it out of work hours but mostly completed it at work.

  • If you were to do a course like this again is there anything you would change, or additional support you would like to see?

Overall the support was good and well thought out. I can’t think of anything that I would like to see changed or added!

I would recommend for those that complete the course to do it along with others because it makes it more fun and interactive. A group of us completed the course in my workplace and we would we would meet every fortnight to discuss the Things, what we had learnt and anything else interesting we had encountered in completing the course.

  • If you wrote a blog post at the beginning on what you hoped to gain out of the 23 Things course, looking back on the post do you feel you achieved those goals?

My first blog post stated that I wanted to “enhance my digital literacy knowledge and skills” and “that although I have some digital literacy knowledge, my skills in this area can always be worked on and developed!”. I think this course has very much improved my digital literacy knowledge and skills and has made me want to work on and continue to develop my knowledge and skills.

Fun and Play


I chose to to play with SnapChat because I already had an account and hadn’t used it for a while. I thought it would be fun to send some terrible selfies to friends and family!

Since I had last used SnapChat the lenses have been updated and there were some new ones that I had not seen before.

Here are some of my creations.


I also downloaded the Vine app to have a play and maybe make a video but had trouble finding anything that seemed worth videoing that was only six seconds. I don’t understand the fascination of making short 6 second videos. I don’t think there is enough time to actually put much in the video. I did end up making a very boring video of my bookshelf because I thought it would go with my book theme. Here it is if you would like to check it out.




Online Games and Learning

Online Games and Learning


I just happened to have created a Kahoot for another PD program I am completing at the moment. The program askes you to create a short quiz about Christmas. I created one about celebrating Christmas in Australia. If you would like to play it (warning it is pretty tacky) here it is:

Christmas in Australia

Kahoot confused me a bit at first because I didn’t understand how for you to create a Kahoot you use a separate website then for playing the Kahoot and how playing a Kahoot worked by using a pin. But once I understood how it worked I can see its learning potential as a teaching tool. As a library assistant that works in a academic library I think it would be an interesting tool to use to test students knowledge of the library through a short Kahoot. We are always looking for more interesting and fun ways to get people interested and knowledgeable about what the library can offer and how to use its services and resources.


I thought the games on GeoGebra were interesting but it really enforced how bad I am at maths and puzzles. I did really enjoy trying to fit the smaller geometric shapes in a larger shape. I did discover a shape I just couldn’t get all the smaller shapes to fit into which really frustrated me!

I am not sure how this game would be helpful to me as a educator or learner other than maybe improving my maths skills and keeping my brain active.

Other games

If I had more time I would’ve liked to try Hour of Code as it looked very interesting. But at least I am now aware of it so if I get a spare moment I will have play and see what I can learn.



Professional Social Networks (LinkedIn)

I have had a profile on LinkedIn for a few years so have some experience as a user of the network. I haven’t found it to have that much impact on my professional development. I think I may need to update my profile and add more of my accomplishments and experiences to get more out of it. I also need to login and use it a lot more frequently. If I did this I may get more out of the site.

I have not felt the need to join either or ResearchGate because I am not an academic or researcher. As LinkedIn is more general this seemed to be more beneficial for me.


I searched our library catalogue to find an article in my field that had altmetrics. This was a lot harder than I expected because either the articles I found didn’t have a DOI on the page (which is what altermetrics search for) or it did have a DOI on the page and the software just didn’t seem to be able to find the DOI on the page. I also had the problem that any articles that worked with the altmetrics bookmark had very few hits, only 1 or 2, which were usually retweets.

I eventually found an article about academic libraries that had the 14 hits shown in the picture below. As you can see the article has mostly been tweeted.


I do think that Altmetrics are a very useful tool and it is fascinating to see who has cited particular scholarly publications, to what platform, in which country and why.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is something I have some experience in and find extremely fun. My workplace has VR equipment so I was able to try the InCell game and many other games and experiences. It is an amazing to be physically somewhere but be virtually somewhere else. I have also found that throwing objects in virtual reality is very therapeutic!

I also have a cardboard headset at home with which I have tried out the Google Cardboard app. Although a much simplified version of VR it is still lots of fun.

Augmented Reality

I don’t have that much experience of augmented reality. Before experimenting with the tools provided by the 23 Things the only experience of augmented reality I had had was Pokemon Go and seeing if Ikea furniture fitted in my house using the Ikea app.

I tried out QuiverVision and thought it to be very cool. I downloaded, printed out and colored in one of their coloring pages. I then used the QuiverVision app to not only make my coloring in 3D but also animate it!