Geolocation Tools

I created an account at Geocaching to try it out and see if I could use my phone as a GPS device and find something exciting. I now understand how it works but ran out of time to actually go and physically find a location.

I also had a look at Lit Long: Edinburgh. I was in Edinburgh earlier this year and loved it and also love literature so I had to check it out. I had to use the website version of the app though because all the app would tell me is how many miles I was from Edinburgh. As I reside in Australia that is a lot of miles! I did enjoy looking at the different locations, authors and literature that is available to search. It would have been helpful to know about this app when I was Edinburgh. Next time!

Here is a entry/location on Lit Long: Edinburgh for Charles Dicken’s The Pickwick Papers.


OneNote and ClassNotebook

I had a play with OneNote and although an interesting program I am not sure what immediate uses I would have for it. It might be helpful if I needed to share information or a document with a group of people but have previously used different sharing programs to the same effect. For example I helped organize  trips with friends using both Google Docs and the basic version of Trello but could also easily use OneNote as it has a lot of the same functions. Work-wise I may also be able to use it as a shared document that multiple staff members could be working on.

On a side note the drawing function of the program is fun. I may have spent longer than necessary having fun drawing pictures…


Tumblr / Storify

As I have used Tumblr for many years now for my countless different obsessions (TV shows, films, books, sport) I attempted to make a story through Storify. I had trouble thinking of something to make a story about but eventually decided to make a story about a conference I attended back in late August. Its not the most fascinating of stories but at least I have knowledge of how to use Storify  for future reference.

ALIA National Conference 2016: A Twitter story

Audio – Podcasts and SoundCloud

I regularly use the iTunes Podcast app to download and listen to podcasts. I have currently been listening to radio show podcasts of Hamish and Andy. They are very entertaining and make my time on public transport go a lot faster!

I went and explored SoundCloud to see what I could find that was interesting. I found some engaging podcasts on the Guardian Books podcast, one of which I have shared with you. The Guardian Books podcast has British actors reading excerpts from books. This is Tom Hiddleston reading from the Night Manager by John le Carre.

I am not sure how podcasts and/or SoundCloud would be useful to me other than for entertainment value or for learning or sharing of knowledge. I have used podcasts as part of my study and they were quite helpful and informative. Music streaming/downloading I use for entertainment purposes and of course I always appreciate any type of audio book!

Video – Vimeo

As I use YouTube all the time I thought I would have a look at Vimeo to see how it compared.

I searched Vimeo for ‘books’ to see if I could find any interesting videos to share. This video is one cute example.

Penguin Books BG 01 by 29cm licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

I found I needed to create an account with Vimeo because some things are not accessible when you are not logged in.

I was very easily able to download a video, figure out how to embed it in a blog post and create a playlist and watch it. It was a little bit more difficult to narrow down my search to videos with a particular type of copyright license and then where the license information is found on each video (Google and the Vimeo Help Center were my friends!) but I figured it out.

I did have some problems with being unable to connect to Vimeo. Their problem message was quite amusing though so I wasn’t too annoyed!



Copyright is something I want to learn more about but have always found it a not very stimulating subject and confusing so I only know the basics.

I went to Wikimedia Commons and found two images, one related to my work field and one related to an interest of mine.

As I work in a library I thought a book cart/trolley was appropriate.


SteveLambert-Library-Book-Cart by Laieta30 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

As a cricket lover and frequent visitor of Adelaide Oval (the best ground in the world!) I couldn’t go past this picture when I saw it. I think I might have even been at this match!


Adelaide Oval 13 by Sam Tugwell licensed under CC BY 3.0